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If you are a budding entrepreneur or start-up owner, you’re already acquainted with the clout of social media for startups. However, this formidable perception of social media has led many organizations into overdoing things to a point of disappointing results. It is often overlooked that it’s a marketing tool which delivers on effective implementation. Smart, strategic, approach beats aggressive, unwarranted promotion. Besides, unorganized activities savagely consume your marketing budget, sending you on fumes before you know it. Here’s some digital worldly wisdom to help you sail smoothly through such undulating waters.

The Game Plan

Every startup, primarily, needs a business plan. And these days, social media plan is an integral part of it. Your social media plan should clearly identify the target audience, reach to them and appeal their needs through appropriate communication. For instance, if you are in the hospitality sector, post enticing pictures on Facebook, Instagram. But if you are a skill-based organization, look forward to Linkedin networking activities. If you have a PR Agency on board, make sure your activities are communicated on digital platforms. Even PR Companies in India like Maharashtra Media Services & Public Relations are readily offering ORM or Digital PR Services to help clients stay grounded in the digital era.

Look Before You Leap

Before spending exorbitant amount of money for online promotion, chart your monitor-analyze-strategize plan. With a galaxy of apps, tools available at your disposal, tracking your customer’s behavior patterns, responses, demographics, brand mentions and much more can be done efficiently. The insights gained can be leveraged in favor of your business goals.

Avoid Too Many Platforms

In order to propel brand awareness, organizations tend to attach themselves with every site possible. However, shuffling between multiple platforms viz., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and Snapchat can be an exhaustive, quality deterrent exercise. Start small and diversify eventually as you familiarize with each platform. Imagine, reading a press release about your new product on Twitter and then seeing a photo of it on Instagram. Wouldn’t that be more engaging to the customers?

Write. Don’t Spam

Content is the king when it comes to social media. ‘Less is more’ is the key. There’s a reason why channels have specified guidelines, character limits. Bypassing them could be damaging.

Prevent Hashtags Haphazard

One of the wide-spread misconceptions among social media users is - using more Hashtags will accelerate reach and likeliness of being found on the internet. It may work on Instagram but not on other platforms. Posts crammed with hashtags are less likely to be read. Hashtags should be used smartly.

No More Sub-standard Visuals

The impact of well-crafted visuals is known to all. But only few take the efforts to implement it. Good visuals, infographics, videos drive 2-3 times more engagement than those casual, blurred, poorly edited, stock images or photos.

Don’t Underestimate Community Management

One of the best things about social media is two-way communication. Customers can react, ask, suggest or even complain about your products and services. These reactions are watched by your followers. Prompt and professional addressing of your customer’s feedback makes a big difference these days. Ignore it, and you have a lot of international brand stories about how it costs dearly and how timely countermeasures have saved them from a disaster.

Excessive Promotion Kills

Over promotion often backfires. Follow 20-80 ratio for your brand content (20% brand promotion & 80% allied content). Connect, credit, share, engage with like-minded individuals for networking. Don’t just push your own content incessantly. Make an attempt to include some takeaway to the follower with each update.

Finally, Hire A Social Media Agency

Maintaining an effective, result-oriented social media presence is seldom one man’s job. You would need a social media manager with super powers to single-handedly look after the strategy, designing, writing, analyzing, monitoring, community management, etc. If you really value your brand and want to take it places, then hiring a reputed digital marketing agency is a smart move for your business.